Denys Holland Scholarship at University College London (UCL): Empowering Undergraduate Students

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Denys Holland Scholarship is dedicated to assisting undergraduate students, regardless of their nationality, who face financial challenges in funding their studies at University College London (UCL). It encourages applications from both domestic and international prospective students, providing an opportunity for deserving individuals to achieve their academic goals at UCL. Successful recipients of this scholarship are expected to actively engage in the vibrant academic and extracurricular experiences offered by UCL and the Student Union.


University;                   University College London

Scholarship;             Denys Holland Scholarship

Host Country;           UK      

Degree Level;            Bachelor

Awards;                     £9,000 per year

Eligibility criteria

  1. Applicants must have a confirmed offer for full-time undergraduate study at UCL to be eligible
  2. Demonstrated financial hardship.
  3. Student age become 25 or below but not above from 25 years.
  4. All nationalities are eligible to apply on Denys Holland Scholarship.

Application Process

To submit a successful application, candidates are required to provide their valid UCL Student Number or UCAS Application Number, which can be obtained from the offer letter issued by the university. It is crucial to complete the application form in its entirety and ensure that all the requisite supporting documents are included. The fully filled application, along with the supporting documentation, should be sent electronically to the designated email address provided for submission.

[email protected].

  1. Provide a motivation letter highlighting your interests and non-academic activities.
  2. Provide information about your financial situation as well.

For more information

Application deadline

Deadline of Denys Holland Scholarship is 6 july 2023

Application form Download

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.      How much is the scholarship award?

Denys Holland Scholarship provides an award of £9,000 per year.

2.      Who is eligible to apply for the Denys Holland Scholarship?

Denys Holland Scholarship is open to undergraduate students of all nationalities who face financial challenges in funding their studies at University College London (UCL).

3. What degree level does the scholarship support?

Scholarship supports undergraduate studies at the Bachelor’s level.

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