Mandela Residential Fellowship by center of Diplomatic Advancement (CDA) 2023

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Unleash your potential and embrace the ideals of Nelson Mandela with the 2023 Mandela Residential Fellowship in Istanbul, Turkey. Presented by the Center for Diplomatic Advancement, this fully-funded program empowers young leaders from diverse backgrounds to drive positive change in their communities.

Key Details

Host institute:                      Centre of Diplomatic Advancement

Event Location:                   Sapanca, Istanbul, Turkey

Duration:                                October 14th – 20th, 2023

Last Date:                               5th August 2023

Fellowship benefits

  • Explore Turkish Culture: Dive into the heart of Turkish culture – witness historical landmarks, vibrant traditions, and engage with local communities. Savor authentic cuisine and experience the warmth of Turkish hospitality.
  • Enhance Professional Skills: Grow professionally through workshops, seminars, and hands-on experiences. Interact with industry experts and gain valuable insights to excel in your field.
  • Fellowship Merchandise: Receive exclusive keepsakes that commemorate your extraordinary journey in Turkey.
  • Food Allowance: Enjoy a generous food allowance to indulge in delectable Turkish delicacies.
  • VIP Airport Transfers Facility: Experience a stress-free start with our VIP airport transfers to your accommodation.
  • Student Accommodation Covered: Focus on your enrichment – we’ve got your comfortable and secure student housing covered.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Age Requirement: Applicant must be above 16 years old to be eligible for this esteemed fellowship.
  • English Communication Skill: Proficiency in English communication is essential as it facilitates active participation in diverse ideas and discussions.
  • IELTS Not Required: Unlike many other programs, IELTS scores are not mandatory for this fellowship.

Application Process

  • Go to official website [click here]
  • Register in to application portal
  • Pay application fee 25$
  • Click on Submit Button



How many seats are available for the fellowship?

The Center for Diplomatic Advancement (CDA) will select 20 fully funded delegates to attend the Mandela Residential Fellowship in Turkey. These delegates will have their flights, lodging, meals, and other fellowship costs fully supported by CDA.

Is proficiency in the Turkish language required?

No, proficiency in the Turkish language is not a requirement for the Mandela Residential Fellowship. English is the primary language of communication throughout the program.

What is the Last date for submitting the application?

The last date to submit the online application for the Mandela Residential Fellowship 2023 is August 05, 2023 (US Time). Applicants are advised to complete the application well before the deadline to ensure a successful submission.

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