Scholarship in Germany by Rosa Luxemburg Foundation 2024

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The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Scholarship in Germany 2024 presents an exclusive opportunity for both local and international students to engage in transformative higher education experiences. Founded on principles of social justice and solidarity, this scholarship offers a platform to delve into research and academic pursuits aligned with democratic socialism. Embark on a journey that fosters connections, cultural exploration, and meaningful contributions to society.

Key Details

Country of host:                               Germany

Who can apply:                                 Applicant from European and non europ

Degree:                                                  PhD

Funded by:                                         Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

Eligibility Criteria for Rosa Luxemburg Foundation 2024 Germany

  1. Academic Background: Applicants must have excellent in academic background.
  2. Nationality: All overseas students, regardless of their country of origin, are eligible to apply for the scholarship.
  3. German Citizens: German citizens are also eligible to apply for the scholarship.
  4. German Language Proficiency: Applicants are required to submit a German Language Proficiency Letter at the B2 level, demonstrating their ability to effectively communicate in German.
  5. PhD Thesis Alignment: The applicant’s PhD thesis should reflect a clear commitment to democratic socialism and its associated principles.

Benefits of Scholarship in Germany by Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

Monthly Allowance: Selected students will receive a monthly allowance of EUR 1,350, easing financial burdens and enabling them to focus on their studies and research.

Health Insurance Coverage: Recipients of the scholarship will benefit from health insurance coverage, ensuring their well-being and providing peace of mind during their studies.

Mobility Allowance: An additional EUR 1,000 mobility allowance will be granted to scholarship recipients, facilitating travel for academic purposes and enhancing their research opportunities.

Research on Global Issues: Successful applicants will have the chance to conduct research on pressing global issues, contributing to the academic discourse and addressing challenges of international significance.

How to apply for Scholarship in Germany by Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

  1. Online Application: Candidates are invited to apply online using the provided link below.
  2. Complete and Submit: Ensure accurate and complete information is filled out, addressing all requirements meticulously. Visit the official website for further details.



Deadline for Scholarship in Germany by Rosa Luxemburg Foundation is 01st April and 01st October.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Scholarship in Germany

Can foreign students who are not residing in Germany apply for this scholarship?

Yes, foreign students who wish to conduct research while staying outside of Germany are eligible to apply.

What is the duration of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Scholarship for PhD studies in Germany?

The scholarship duration is a minimum of 2 years and can be extended twice for 6 months each, provided there is a valid reason for the extension.

What are the benefits of Scholarship in Germany by Rosa ?

Accepted scholars will receive a monthly grant of EUR 1,350. They will also be granted a mobility allowance of EUR 1,000 and health care subsidy.

Is there a specific topic requirement for the doctoral thesis?

Yes, applicants should be able to conduct their doctoral thesis on a topic that reflects a commitment to democratic socialism and its values.

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