Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship 2023

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Swiss Government offers prestigious scholarships to international students pursuing master’s, Ph.D., and Post-Doc programs. These scholarships foster global cooperation in research and the arts. With access to top Swiss universities and financial support, students can excel in their fields while experiencing Swiss culture. Application deadlines vary by country, and successful applicants will be notified by May 2024. Don’t miss this highly competitive opportunity for academic and cultural enrichment in Switzerland.

Key Details:

Host Country:                        Switzerland

Degree level:              `           Master’s, Doctoral / Postdoctoral Researcher

Last Date:                               December 2023

Eligible Countries:              Both European and Non European

Financial Benefits Scholarship:

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship will serve as a significant financial relief, covering living and tuition expenses.

  • Health Insurance: Throughout your stay in Switzerland, the Swiss Government will fully cover your health insurance.
  • Housing Allowance: With the provided housing allowance, you can comfortably afford suitable accommodation in Switzerland. This allowance facilitates a smooth transition to your new environment, allowing you to focus on your academic pursuits.
  • Research Fund: The scholarship offers a research fund, enabling unrestricted projects and encouraging academic innovation.
  • Professional Development: Financial benefits provided by the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship extend beyond academic support. They also contribute to your personal and professional growth, laying a strong foundation for a successful future career.

Eligibility criteria

Strong Academic Record: A solid and consistent academic history is a prerequisite for the scholarship.

Research Passion: Applicants must display a genuine passion for research and innovation, showing a strong drive to advance knowledge in their chosen field.

English Fluency: Proficiency in English is essential for thriving in an international academic environment, allowing effective communication with peers and professors.

Last Date to apply

Applicants can apply from Sept to December 2023

Required Documents for FCS Scholarship Application:

  1. Signed FCS Application Form
  2. Two Copies of Applicant’s Passport
  3. CV with Academic Publications and Awards
  4. Motivation Letter (maximum 2 pages)
  5. Research Proposal (maximum 5 pages)
  6. Short CV of Academic Mentor from Home Institution
  7. Two Confidential Letters of Recommendation
  8. Photocopies of Grade Sheets and Certificates (in English, German, French, or Italian)
  9. Signed Medical Certificate
  10. Confirmation Letter from Host Professor Supporting Research and Supervision

Document Sets:

  • Set 1: Original signed documents, including two recommendation letters (if applicable), attested in English.
  • Set 2: A copy of Set 1, excluding recommendation letters.


Is there an application fee for the Swiss Government Scholarships?

No, the application process for these scholarships does not involve any processing fee.

Can students residing in Switzerland apply for the scholarships?

Students residing in Switzerland for over a year are not eligible to apply for the scholarships.

What types of scholarships are offered?

Scholarships include Research Scholarships for Ph.D. and Post-Doc students and students of arts, and Art Scholarships for master’s degree applicants.

Who is eligible to apply for the Swiss Government Scholarships?

International students from over 180 countries that maintain diplomatic relations with Switzerland can apply.

What is the purpose of the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships?

The scholarships play a fundamental role in Switzerland’s global strategy towards research, education, and innovation. They aim to foster international cooperation and knowledge exchange in research and the arts

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