Volunteer Program in Qatar Expo 2023

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Step into a unique opportunity at the Qatar Expo Volunteer Program 2023. From October 2, 2023, to March 28, 2024, join us in Doha for Qatar Expo 2023, a monumental event fostering a better planet. With the theme “Green Desert,” over 190 nations will unite to showcase innovations and ideas for a sustainable future.

Anticipating over 3 million visitors, including tourists, locals, and luminaries, Qatar Expo 2023 guarantees an unforgettable experience.

Be part of history, enhance your professional profile, and form lasting global connections. The Qatar Expo Volunteer Program 2023 is your chance to inspire and contribute to a transformative event that extends its impact far beyond its time and place.

Key Details:

Country:                                 Qatar

Event Name:                          Qatar Expo 2023

Duration:                                Six Months duration

No of Volunteers:                2200

Who can apply:                    All Internationals

Volunteer Program in Qatar Expo 2023

Volunteer Duties

Volunteer can apply on following duties.

  • Accreditation
  • Ceremonies
  • Ticketing
  • Events & Cultural Experience
  • Health & Safety
  • Language Services
  • Media & Broadcast
  • Participant Operations
  • Protocol Services
  • Visitor Services & Experience
  • Workforce

Benifits Qatar Expo Program

  • Be part of a major international event: Join a significant global gathering and contribute to its success, gaining a unique experience that stands out on your resume.
  • Enhance your CV: Engage in a new and impactful role that adds value to your professional profile, showcasing your adaptability and dedication.
  • Make connections: Network with fellow volunteers, participants, and professionals from various fields, broadening your social and professional circles.
  • Exclusive volunteer uniform: Receive a specially designed uniform to wear during your shifts, serving as a lasting memento of your involvement in Expo 2023.
  • Certificate of experience: Obtain an official certificate recognizing your contribution and dedication as a volunteer at the event.
  • Free food and drink during shifts: Enjoy complimentary meals and beverages while you’re on duty, ensuring you stay energized and focused throughout your volunteering experience.
  • Special gift: Receive a unique gift from Expo 2023 Doha as a token of appreciation for your commitment to making the event a success.
  • Free Shuttle service in Doha: Benefit from complimentary shuttle services within Doha, making transportation to and from the expo site convenient and cost-effective.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Everyone can apply
  • You can apply if you from Qatar

Application Last Date:

Qatar Expo 2023 is Open Now



1. Is there an age requirement to volunteer?

Volunteers typically need to be of legal working age in Qatar, which is 16 years old. However, specific age requirements may vary depending on the roles and responsibilities assigned.

2. What is the time commitment expected from volunteers?

Volunteers are generally expected to commit to a certain number of shifts or hours, depending on the role and the needs of the event.

3.When and where will Qatar Expo 2023 take place?

Qatar Expo 2023 will be held in Doha, Qatar, from October 2, 2023, to March 28, 2024.

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